Photos and Feedback

Send us your photos ( of where you’re zapping away with your Zap Racket.  It doesn’t have to be scenic.  It can just be you and your Zap Racket.  Also, feel free to post your comments on this page as well:

5 thoughts on “Photos and Feedback

  1. Photos inside Denali National Park sent by another great customer who works at Wonder Lake Campground. Thank you Alan!
    Inside Denali
    Inside Denali2
    Inside Denali 3
    Inside Denali 4

  2. A beautiful photo of Denali sent by one of our great Zap Racket customers in Alaska. Thank you Nancy!

  3. Zap Racket 20+; flies and mosquitoes 0; random; poolside; electrocuted!! sg Austin, TX

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